Recruitment Day @ Lakeside !

Okay , so Recruitment Day has just passed ( 25th Feb ) and I would say that it was a success .
There were more than 85 new members and i would like to give them a warm welcome to SPA !
And also , thanks to those who helped out on that day too ! 

For those who attended the Recruitment Day , 
you most probably have received the flyer regarding the audition . 
So once again I'd like to remind those who have forgotten , 
there are TWO MORE AUDITIONS coming , 2nd and 3rd of March . 
Do come / bring along your friends ! 
Do check out this link for further information and do add us on facebook too ! 

Pictures :

Fun is our middle name !
( PR-ing )
( PR-ing )
(Printing out more flyers)
(The intended idea was to have many  'eye-catching' statues painted in yellow amongst the crowd to attract 
more people to the SPA booth but unfortunately there wasn't a crowd for us to camouflage in , hence only one person all dressed up ! )

Twelfth Night: Audition #1

Photo Credits: Raffi Th'ng

If you've missed the first audition, fear not! TUCSPA are still looking for roles to cast, so if you are interested to be a part of the play Twelfth Night, take note of these dates and info:

Audition Dates: 2nd March 2010 and 3rd March 2010

Venue: 2nd March- Lakeside Campus
           3rd March- Leisure Commerce Square Auditorium

Time: 4 p.m. onwards


(1) A Classical monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in verse by Shakespeare

(2) A Contemporary monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in prose from any contemporary 20th, 21st century playwright
-audition pieces can also be taken from movie screenplays

(3) Song
-sung with guitar accompaniment (for male actors)
-singing is optional

(1) and (2) are mandatory requirements if you wish to auditions. Singing as mentioned is optional. Please remember that for the Shakespearean monologue, the text has to be in verse and not prose. You can choose from any of Shakespeare's plays.

This audition is open to all Taylor's University College students. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact Dinesh Kumar (014-236 4248).

Spread the word amongst your fellow friends. Hope to see you there.

Anyone that doesn't know where to start when choosing their monologues should give these websites a try. Good luck!

The Revival !

Hello Hello! Greetings to all of you out there!

Taylor's University College's Society of Performing Arts (or SPA for short ) is BACK!

We're back with fresh new committee's and crew members! As it is our 10th year anniversary since it has all begun, we're back to sizzle up this year with an awesome play by William Shakespeare called Twelfth Night.

Do stay tuned and check on this blog for updates and notifications regarding the play!

List of committee and crew;

President : Adrian Tan
Vice President : Shaun Teo and Anamika Deb
Secretary : Alyaa Syafiyah
Asst.Secretary : Joanne Lesren Soh Yi Jing
Treasurer : Caryn Soo
Asst. Treasurer :Aitidal Shariha

Crisis Manager :Danesh a/l Asokkumar
Asst. Crisis Manager : Natali Ang
Stage Manager : Dhivashini Thangathurai
Asst. Stage Manager : Judith Virginia Lee and Hassan Ashfaq Ahmed
Sound/Light Manager : Tricia Lim
Asst. Sound/Light Manager : Abdul Aziz
Operations Manager : Woo Qi Hong
Publicity Chair : Veronica Ooi
Asst. Publicity Chair : Bryna Kaur
Ticketing : Cara Ooi
Asst. Ticketing : Rahmah binti Mohamad Pauzi
House Manager : Afiqah
Video Producer : Justin Yee and Ntuli Arnold Aswile

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in the play, don't hesitate to come for the auditions!
It will be on the 25th of February , 2nd of March and 3rd of March at each of their respective venues. There will be a poster attached, so do check it for the venue / time.

There will be THREE auditions, so no excuses if you're busy! You're bound to be free on at least ONE of the dates, so do keep all the doubts and shy-ness aside and just try out at the auditions.

By the way , we will be having a SPA booth during the RECRUITMENT DAY.

It will be on the 25th of February, at the Lakeside Campus.

Do remember to drop by at the booth! We will be at the far left end of the hall, right in front of the stage. So remember, do drop by out booth!

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