Books Down.

It is now "books down" at rehearsals for Twelfth Night.
Things are getting serious and the actors are not allowed to look at their scripts during rehearsals anymore!
We have exactly 31 days before the play so things are getting more serious now.

Posters, flyers and banners to be out soon!
Tickets to go on sale on June 1st.

Twelfth Night is now announced everyday on Hitz.Fm and Mix.Fm.

So tune in to either channels and follow us on our blog for more updates! :D

One Month Till The Play!

Rehearsals are going on four times a week instead of three times a week now.
As you can see, the cast and crew have all bonded therefore, progress is going great!
More to come in our next post.

P.S. Listen To HITZ.FM for updates on our play!
They announced about us today! xD

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