Books Down.

It is now "books down" at rehearsals for Twelfth Night.
Things are getting serious and the actors are not allowed to look at their scripts during rehearsals anymore!
We have exactly 31 days before the play so things are getting more serious now.

Posters, flyers and banners to be out soon!
Tickets to go on sale on June 1st.

Twelfth Night is now announced everyday on Hitz.Fm and Mix.Fm.

So tune in to either channels and follow us on our blog for more updates! :D

One Month Till The Play!

Rehearsals are going on four times a week instead of three times a week now.
As you can see, the cast and crew have all bonded therefore, progress is going great!
More to come in our next post.

P.S. Listen To HITZ.FM for updates on our play!
They announced about us today! xD

Twelfth Night Photoshoot!

April 23rd, 2010
Photoshoot for the cast and crew by Candid Photography, Phileo Damansare 1.

*pictures below was taken by a cast member.Professional pictures by Candid Photography to be diplayed during the play! ;) *

 Oh the love! :)

 The Director, Dinesh Kumar and his cast! :D

Rehearsals for Twelfth Night have been going great!
Tickets for the play to be out soon!
More information in our next post!
Till then,

Final Callbacks and Rehearsals!!

Hello all!
Sorry for the delay of updates.
Well as most of you already know, we have had our final callbacks and we have our cast for our play already! :D

Callbacks were held on Friday, 12th of March 2010 at Lakeside Campus.
We the committee and crew of Taylor's Society of Performing Arts would like to say a very big thank you to all those who came for our auditions and Congratulations to all those who got a role in our upcoming play Twelfth Night.
To those who did not make it, do not be discourage and do come back for auditions when we have our next play.

Here are the pictures from the callbacks :

 While waiting for it to start :

Warm Ups : 
Finally, part of the selected cast!
Congratulations Guys!

Now that we have our cast for the play, we have begun our rehearsals.
Rehearsals has been going on for a week now and progress is going great!

Pictures from the rehearsals : 
The cast helping out the crew members the hall prepared for rehearsals.

Warms Ups before rehearsals :

It's great to see our cast, committee and crew members getting along so well and working together to make this play an awesome one!
We expect for great things to come from our talents! 

So to everyone out there, DO COME WATCH OUR PLAY, "TWELFTH NIGHT" in June!

It's not something you would want to miss!


Hey guys , i've got GREAT NEWS ! 
There will be ONE LAST ROUND of audition !
So for those of you who has missed the past 3 auditions(or might have chickened out)
this is your LAST CHANCE

So don't miss this opportunity if you've always had that undying passion for acting .
Ditch the 'shy-ness' aside and just try it out ! 

Audition Date : 11th March
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1 , PJ Campus
Time: 4 p.m. 


(1) A Classical monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in verse by Shakespeare

(2) A Contemporary monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in prose from any contemporary 20th, 21st century playwright
-audition pieces can also be taken from movie screenplays

(3) Song
-sung with guitar accompaniment (for male actors)
-singing is optional

(1) and (2) are mandatory requirements if you wish to auditions. Singing as mentioned is optional. Please remember that for the Shakespearean monologue, the text has to be in verse and not prose. You can choose from any of Shakespeare's plays.

This audition is open to all Taylor's University College students. 
If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact Dinesh Kumar (014-236 4248).

*** BTW , for those of you who don't know where to start , check out this links for monologues !
Don't chicken out again and don't hesitate to try out guys !

Recruitment Day @ Lakeside !

Okay , so Recruitment Day has just passed ( 25th Feb ) and I would say that it was a success .
There were more than 85 new members and i would like to give them a warm welcome to SPA !
And also , thanks to those who helped out on that day too ! 

For those who attended the Recruitment Day , 
you most probably have received the flyer regarding the audition . 
So once again I'd like to remind those who have forgotten , 
there are TWO MORE AUDITIONS coming , 2nd and 3rd of March . 
Do come / bring along your friends ! 
Do check out this link for further information and do add us on facebook too ! 

Pictures :

Fun is our middle name !
( PR-ing )
( PR-ing )
(Printing out more flyers)
(The intended idea was to have many  'eye-catching' statues painted in yellow amongst the crowd to attract 
more people to the SPA booth but unfortunately there wasn't a crowd for us to camouflage in , hence only one person all dressed up ! )

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