Hey guys , i've got GREAT NEWS ! 
There will be ONE LAST ROUND of audition !
So for those of you who has missed the past 3 auditions(or might have chickened out)
this is your LAST CHANCE

So don't miss this opportunity if you've always had that undying passion for acting .
Ditch the 'shy-ness' aside and just try it out ! 

Audition Date : 11th March
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1 , PJ Campus
Time: 4 p.m. 


(1) A Classical monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in verse by Shakespeare

(2) A Contemporary monologue (2-3 minutes)
-text in prose from any contemporary 20th, 21st century playwright
-audition pieces can also be taken from movie screenplays

(3) Song
-sung with guitar accompaniment (for male actors)
-singing is optional

(1) and (2) are mandatory requirements if you wish to auditions. Singing as mentioned is optional. Please remember that for the Shakespearean monologue, the text has to be in verse and not prose. You can choose from any of Shakespeare's plays.

This audition is open to all Taylor's University College students. 
If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact Dinesh Kumar (014-236 4248).

*** BTW , for those of you who don't know where to start , check out this links for monologues !
Don't chicken out again and don't hesitate to try out guys !

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