Final Callbacks and Rehearsals!!

Hello all!
Sorry for the delay of updates.
Well as most of you already know, we have had our final callbacks and we have our cast for our play already! :D

Callbacks were held on Friday, 12th of March 2010 at Lakeside Campus.
We the committee and crew of Taylor's Society of Performing Arts would like to say a very big thank you to all those who came for our auditions and Congratulations to all those who got a role in our upcoming play Twelfth Night.
To those who did not make it, do not be discourage and do come back for auditions when we have our next play.

Here are the pictures from the callbacks :

 While waiting for it to start :

Warm Ups : 
Finally, part of the selected cast!
Congratulations Guys!

Now that we have our cast for the play, we have begun our rehearsals.
Rehearsals has been going on for a week now and progress is going great!

Pictures from the rehearsals : 
The cast helping out the crew members the hall prepared for rehearsals.

Warms Ups before rehearsals :

It's great to see our cast, committee and crew members getting along so well and working together to make this play an awesome one!
We expect for great things to come from our talents! 

So to everyone out there, DO COME WATCH OUR PLAY, "TWELFTH NIGHT" in June!

It's not something you would want to miss!

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  1. Nicholas C says:

    Yayyyyy! Go SPA!

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